Roz Sluman last played the pavilion with her ‘Big Shoes’ project, so it was nice to witness her in the new ‘Fusion Head’ incarnation. This was an intimate gig and once the wood burner got going the musical temperature also began to rise. Fusion head deliver a variety of tunes; some instrumental, some vocal-led by Roz or bass player, Alex Green. They also play a mixture of original compositions and popular covers from yesteryear, all infused with a jazz perspective. This produces an interesting mix to keep the listener hooked throughout. The musical prowess of Roz’s troupe is second to none. Alex Green and Kenny Reed’s timing is flawless. Green, who sports a McCartneyesque hofner style bass plays with his nails rather than his fingers. The tone produced is warm and mellow. Roz swaps between saxes and trades solos with virtuoso keyboardist Nick Rimmer to mesmerise the audience on numbers such as ‘Cold Duck time’ and ‘Running for the gate’. Once into the second set you realise that slowly your spirits are being lifted. Fusion Head’s repertoire is essentially happy music and by the end of the evening the applause is noticeably louder and interspersed with whoops of joy as a result. Tribute must also be made to sound engineer Eddie Chicken, who achieved a remarkable sound balance throughout, giving space to all instruments in which to be heard. I predict that Fusion Head will be making a return visit before too long.