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No Soap No Radio are due to start playing at 8:30 but by 8 o’clock the floor is in a ‘standing room only’ situation despite extra chairs being brought in. Such was the anticipation and excitement generated by NSNR’s first gig since their success at Castle Carrock’s Music on the Marr festival in June. When Mark Wilson, lead vocalist, guitarist and songwriter takes to the stage he cuts a figure very reminiscent of Bryan Ferry, only (dare I say it) more cool. As the band launch into their opening number it is clear that a rare, barely restrained energy oozes from the band as they settle into a rhythmic groove. As the first set progresses, each number is followed by whoops and cheers from the audience - energy breeds energy, even if James Joule is turning in his grave at the proposition. Much of the material is brand new and leads the listener through vistas of light and shade, never dulling the senses.

NSNR have that rare quality - a signature sound. It evokes retro images of American highways and Spanish siestas, all expressed in a reverb-laden mellifluousness. If you download one of their songs through itunes you will have trouble choosing a genre it belongs to. Just try ‘original/classic’.

The musicianship is first class. Tim Appleby and Paul Taylor (bass and drums respectively) form a tight rhythm section. No statuesque Bill Wyman is Mr Appleby, he plucks notes from his upright bass exuding a musical joy which is infectious. Paul, surrounded by cymbals and toms, forms the anchor to the music. Steve McCormick, lead guitarist, embellishes Mark’s rhythm guitar with restrained style, never intrusive, simply adding to the sonic landscape. Mark Wilson sings with a gentle drawl as he tells stories through his songs, his hands stroking out flawless chords as he strums a Rickenbacker semi-acoustic.

After playing their penultimate song a youngster shouts from the audience ‘I wish this gig would never end’ and, indeed, over one hundred minutes of NSNR’s performance has gone by within a twinkling of an eye.

The band, of course, plays an encore and announces that their next gig is in support of ‘Focus’ at the Brickyard in November. With music of this caliber, NSNR deserve wider recognition - a goal which a support slot of this level will no doubt help provide.