It is usually recognised as a quiet time of the year what with school holidays an' all, but Friday saw people turning up and eschewing the early wintery weather to get their dose of classy music.

First up was Tom Adams who had a stab at an acoustic version of Whitesnake's 'Forevermore' , followed by a newly written original called 'Long time coming soon'. Finally, a rendition of the aptly titled BCC song: 'Battle for Hadrian's wall' brought things to a close.

Bethany Garner then made a repeat appearance, showcasing some new original material. Her soft melodic voice and gentle guitar playing had the audience in rapt attention. We'd certainly like to hear more from this local talent.

Old favourite (I use the phrase advisedly) Neil McHardy followed on and, despite recovering from a chest virus, gave some lively performances on his home-made guitar. Neil had us chortling and singing along to his joyful melodies.

It was now the turn of a new band who hastily named themselves before they came on: 'Kirsty and the squirrel chasers'. A newly formed four-piece,  KATSC played three songs which had to these ears a renaissance feel. The dual female vocal was very pleasing to the ear, as was the virtuosity of Jerry King who swapped between keyboards and bass, and KATSC's talented guitarist who also doubled up on violin.

Just as it seemed things were finishing up, A cacophonous assemblage of musicians took to the stage for a final jam of some traditional Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan and Roxy Music numbers. These featured James on bodhran, Ed on tambourine, James (from London) on guitar and Jerry on Bass.

If this was a 'quiet night' then it would seem that next open mic promises to require extra room for both acts and audience!